March-April 2014 Issue

Chasing Narwhal

When Jamie's uncle come to visit, the boy's horizons spread from Mexico to the Arctic Circle. But tales of his uncle's travels clash with Jamie's father's view of what it means to be a man with responsibilities.

Joshua and the Train

Once upon a time, in a small town in the middle of America, lived a switchman named Jack, who held the fate of a trainload of passengers in one hand, and his precious son in the other, in this story by Ed Bird.

Clifford and Doreen - A Love Story

Clifford and Doreen were fixtures in the neighborhood, from their house with its ceramic menagerie out front, to their identical sneakers and zip-up jackets. But as their newest neighbors learn, theirs is a real love story, of 54 years--and counting.

To the Mountaintop and Back - An Excerpt

Two friends—one locked in personal trauma and the other learning to regain peace after tragic loss--travel together to confront the past, in this story by Janice Colvin, adopted from an excerpt from her novel, Grace Becoming.

Puddles and Pardons

A muddy March puddle proves too tempting to pass up, sparking a reflection on what it means to repent--and why.

Deep Waters

"Her love for him flows through his heart / As deep waters flow through distant valleys," writes Christina Rompon, our Resident Romantic, in her latest poem.

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